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Rockwood Self Storage & Mobile Pod Storage in Rockwood, Ontario

We are determined to provide you with comprehensive storage solutions through Rockwood Self Storage and mobile storage. We can satisfy all your self storage and mobile storage needs in Rockwood. You can rent our storage units for monthly requirements.

Rockwood Self Storage

At Rockwood Self Storage, we are dedicated to providing you with the space you need for your valuables at a competitive price. Furthermore, we enable you to access your unit quickly and easily, while keeping unauthorized persons out. All our units are kept neat and are well maintained and you will have 24/7 access to them. We rent storage units for personal and business storage needs.


Unit Sizes Cost HST Total

5x10: 1 Bedroom

$79 $10.27 $89.27
10x10: 2 Bedrooms




10x15: 2 Bedrooms Apartment with Extra Small Items




10x20: Single Car Garage or 3 Bedrooms




10x25: Single Car Garage Space with Extra Small Items




10x30: Large Home 4-5 Bedrooms




20x20: Double Car Garage 2 Small Homes




Mobile Pod Storage

Rent a mobile pod is an affordable means to store your belongings. A pod is a mobile storage unit that Rockwood Self Storage rents to our tenants. These mobile storage units can be stored on our premises or moved from one location to another depending on the needs of our tenant. Some prefer a few days for a quick moving schedule, some prefer weeks or months. The rates for a pod are as follows:

$190.97 per month (includes HST)

A pod is approximately 125 sq ft. When a pod is ordered, we provide a drop off time. When the client is finished, they can simply call us and we will arrange a pickup time.

How Are the Moving Charges Calculated for a Pod?

The moving charges are billed according to the distance the pod travelled.  

We offer free quotes for moving charges. To learn more about our services, contact us today!

For All Your Storage Needs

We provide storage units for personal and business purposes.

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